After you have decided what you would like to write about, you have to write a proper introduction remembering the specifics of the field – and this can be hard. But don’t worry: we know how to help you. We hope that you’ll be able to write a good education essay introduction following our tips.

For some time I work as a writer at company that are well know among students as a do my essay for me cheap service. Human nature is such that it is ok to make some erros. Any person is mistaken, regardless of his position in society, social status, etc. However, as practice shows, most people make mistakes by their carelessness or simply because of banal laziness. The purpose of this article is to tell you about the most common mistakes and give a couple of quality tips.

First of all, you have to remember about the main goals of any introduction. It has to lead the readers of your education essay to a thesis, which is the main idea of an essay described in one sentence. Moreover, a reader usually makes his first impression about an essay basing on introduction – so, it has to be good if you want to create the right impression.
It may seem obvious, but actually many students don’t think so: they try to focus on the thesis or on essay’s body and don’t put much effort into writing an introduction. This is a huge mistake: if an introduction is bad, the readers can drop your essay at this point and never read your stunning thesis or amazing arguments.
If you want to write an introduction that is good and achieves its main goals, you have to follow these simple rules:
  • Be sure to mention something that’ll catch the attention of the readers and will encourage them to read more.
  • An introduction has to lead the readers to the thesis and has to do it slowly: otherwise, it will look too abrupt.
  • An introduction has to end with a thesis and the thesis itself has to be impressive, simple, and arguable (it also has to tell what your future essay would be about). You may want to come up with a few options for a thesis and then choose the one you find the most interesting and attention-grabbing.
However, you also have to remember the specifics of the field you are writing about. Yes, education is a well-researched field – that’s why it’s even more important to come up with a unique introduction. To avoid writing trivial things in your introduction, you have to google other works and read them.

How to catch the tutor’s attention?

When you are writing an education essay introduction, you have to attract the tutor’s attention and demonstrate your knowledge at the same time. That’s why it is a good idea to start with some interesting fact or maybe with unexpected statistics (for example, how many children start homeschooling because of bullying). You are allowed to shock and surprise your readers as long as you use facts. Of course, you have to be sure that you use it correctly: if you write about certain statistics, you’ll have to mention and explain it later in your essay.
Using a quote can also be a bright idea, but only if this quote is appropriate. Sure, you can use something standard about education or quote a certain well-known tutor or a philosopher, but it’s much better to use an interesting quote of an ordinary person. Tutors are just as tired of trivial quotes as you are.
Another good idea is to use a provocative question. It can be provocative in different ways: maybe provoke some thoughts or make people want to argue with you, etc. Of course, you have to be very careful when choosing this question: try asking yourself whether you will be intrigued by a certain question or not before using it.
Though you might think that writing a creative and unique education essay introduction is hard, it is actually quite easy (especially if you use the tips mentioned above). If you are interested in the theme of your essay, you’ll be able to come up with a good introduction very quickly, if not – it would just take more time, that’s all. In both cases we wish you good luck with your essay!