Topic has to be both simple and original, it has to catch attention and to be easy to research and write: sounds like a real challenge! Moreover, it has to be fresh as educational field itself had been studied a lot and most of the main topics had already been thoroughly researched and covered in essays.
However, this process isn’t as hard as it seems. All you have to do to choose it quick and so it is right to follow these simple steps.

1. Think Well About Your Assignment

The first and the most logical thing to do in this situation is to try remembering your assignment in details. Sometimes the tutor assigns the topic himself and all you have to do is to narrow it down to a more specific one. This is probably the easiest case, but not all students are so lucky.
Still, if a tutor didn’t give you any topic, he could have given you some tips: maybe specify the type of essay or, at least, a certain area of education. If he did so, use his tips, think about an essay you’re expected to write and try to meet your tutor’s expectation. If he did not, move to next step.

2. Choose An Area Of Education

Lucky for you, education is a big field, and it’s quite easy to come up with a topic both related to education and to your area of interest. For example, you can write about one of the following areas:
  • Health: you can write about education for people with disabilities, about medical education, etc.;
  • Religion: you can write about religious education, church schools, the way religion is presented in schools, etc.;
  • Social issues: you can write about bullying, homeschooling, etc.;
  • Academic education: you can write pretty much about anything related to colleges, universities, degrees, etc.;
  • Education process: you can write about teachers, about their work, about the ways the whole education is organized, etc.;
  • Education in general: you can write about the importance of education in a modern world or choose another general topic. Though you should remember that this area is probably the most researched and covered in essays.
This is only a rough list of possible areas: you’ll definitely be able to come up with some more of them if you take your time to think and research. When you choose an area, take your own knowledge and interests into consideration. It is always easier to come up with a topic related to the things you know and like.
The same goes for essay itself: if a topic is well-known to you, you’ll be able to write it quickly, and, what’s most important, to enjoy the process.

3. Narrow Your Topic Down

After you have come up with a general topic, you have to narrow it down. It’s necessary because an essay is quite limited by size and you have to be sure that you can cover the topic and fit into this limit. Moreover, if you choose too general topic (or just the first that comes to your mind), you should prepare yourself to a possibility that it was probably covered by someone else already, and your goal is to write something original. That’s why a general idea won’t do.
To narrow the topic down, you need to focus on its most important and interesting parts. For example, if you are writing about homeschooling, think about how you can make this more specific: maybe focus on one aspect of homeschooling process (like tests), or choose one reason for homeschooling (like bullying) and write about it.
It’s good to narrow the topic down in two steps: for example, first you can narrow homeschooling topic to “Reasons for homeschooling” and then you can narrow this one to “Bullying as the reason for homeschooling”.
You don’t have to come up with the whole topic at once: at first, choose two or three words and then think how you can turn them into a complete sentence. Also you don’t have to settle with one topic. On the contrary, try to come up with as many of them as possible: this’ll be useful later.
Remember that there are four main types of essays and each of them requires different approach. It’s better to think about what type of essay you would choose during this stage of the process as the topic of your essay depends on this too.
Essays can be argumentative, persuasive, expository, and analytical. If you want to write an expository essay, it’s all right to use “Bullying as the reason for homeschooling” as a chosen topic. However, you should formulate your topic differently to write an argumentative one. For example, “Why homeschooling is good for religious children” is a good topic for argumentative essay (it is enough specific).
It’s also important to do good research during this stage of the process. A research allows you to find out whether the potential topic is popular or not. If you google a certain topic and find out that there are too many essays written on it, you should choose another one. If you google a topic and hardly find any information at all, maybe you should choose another one too: after all, it can be hard to write an essay without informative sources. That’s why the more topics you choose before doing your research, the better: even if some of them turn out to be not good enough, you’ll still have a few good ones left.
In the end, narrow your choice to one topic only. Now you can move to the next stage of the process: making this topic more appealing for your future readers.

4. Think How To Make A Topic Sound Good

A topic has to tell the readers what your essay is about, sure. But at the same time it has to attract their attention, to make them want to read the whole essay. To do so, you have to make your topic arguable: this way the readers would like to read the whole essay to find out your opinion and maybe to discuss it.
At the same time try to remain precise: the readers and, of course, your teacher would like to know what exactly your essay is about.
Don’t forget about the thesis too: after all, it’s the main idea of an essay. The topic of your essay doesn’t have to sound the same as the thesis, but definitely has to relate to it.
We hope that these advices will simplify your academic life and will help you to come up with a great and precise education essay topics. Of course, a topic itself cannot guarantee that your essay is good, but we believe that you are be able to do your best and write an amazing paper!