This Guide provides users with:
  1. mini-lessons, techniques, and tips on writing and editing
  2. answers to specific questions
  3. writing and editing services
Whether your writing purpose is to PERSUADE, INSTRUCT, ENTERTAIN, or to simply INFORM . . . you want to write effectively. This guide to effective writing and the mini-lessons within will help you:
  • UNDERSTAND some basic principles for correct writing and how to use them in real life
  • IDENTIFY and APPLY effective writing conventions and techniques
  • LEARN how to plan, draft, revise, and edit your writing to best serve its purpose
  • FIND readings and references for additional study
  • DEVELOP your overall ability to write effectively
About the Guide’s editors, all of them:
  • taught English and Writing to schoolchildren and college students
  • completed two master’s degrees in Education and one master’s degree in Professional Writing
  • have edited and published within a variety of genres