In the last several years there has been a rising trend with regards to obtaining higher education by way of the internet. Right now there are close to four million students enrolled in some type of online higher education course.
This is in large part due to the revision of a federal rule that mandated that institutions of higher education had to have students take a minimum of half of their classes in a traditional classroom setting. Since the revision, complete courses of studies now allow a student to attend all of their courses online. From a financial perspective, colleges and universities have increased their revenues that they would otherwise miss out on because of a potential student’s location or inability to attend a traditional classroom.
At one time, for some students, obtaining higher education was out of the question. Some reasons for this include children, other family obligations, financing, or having to work full time. Now that being able to receive higher education by means of the internet, people are finding that the flexibility of attendance has made achieving their dreams of a degree possible.
Whether you live in Maine or India, and want to obtain your degree in Phoenix, Arizona it is now possible without having to move to Phoenix. It can all be done online and you can view your course work at six in the morning or at midnight, the choice is yours. The flexibility of attendance is probably the biggest factor in the rise of obtaining higher education online.
What kinds of degrees are available online? A person can receive their high school diploma, specialty certificates, Associates Degrees, Bachelor’s Degrees and even Master’s degrees or Ph.D. level degrees. One might wonder about what types of courses are offered online. The better question is what is not offered! Whether you want to be a legal assistant or paralegal, an accountant, a vet technician, a florist, you name it and you will likely find an online educational program that will suit your needs.
Probably the best thing about obtaining higher education learning online is that you normally do not have to take traditional college courses. Online learning courses are most often geared to the area of study that you are interested in. For example if you want to study to become a paralegal, you will not have to take mathematic courses or art courses that are totally unrelated to what a paralegal does.
Higher education online has become more affordable as it becomes increasingly more and more popular. Most online education fees are all inclusive, meaning that you do not have to pay extra for books or other course materials.
Educational funding loans have also become easier to obtain. Online institutions are recognized by FAFSA, as well as lending sources like Sallie Mae and local banks.
Obtaining higher education online is not for everyone. There is a certain amount of self-discipline involved. One must have the motivation and the inclination to log in for courses at least a certain number of times per week. The only one pushing you to succeed is normally yourself. There is no one to stand over your shoulder pushing you to do your assignments. And while many online school environments have devised a way to get class participation, you do not have that face to face contact that some of us need to be able to succeed.